“You only call me when you want something.” 

Maintaining client relationships is obviously important to repeat business, but why do many of us do so poorly with keeping in touch?

I was pulling a report to view the analytics of an email campaign and I noticed our bounced email list was fairly large. This is bad for us because we lost out on being able to email them, and it shows that we have not kept in contact with them to know that they have a new email address. Fortunately, this now creates an opportunity for us to reach out and call our past clients and prospects, and gain their new contact information. It also opens the window for a conversation on what they have been up to, and if they have noticed the rise in the Real Estate Market.

Now… For the contact information that is correct in our CRM… How often are we reaching out to them? Also, when we do contact them, are we just trying to sell them something? This reminds me of someone I knew in college. Every now and then I’d send a txt to that “special person”, and they would always txt back “You only txt me when you want something!” <INSERT winking face with deviant smile> I learned a great lesson from this experience: Continuous meaningful contact.

What this means: When you see an article, or photo, or idea, or just think of someone… Let them know. Send a txt, email,  a card, or give them a call. What I have found is I have built better relationships, gained more referrals, and sold more. I didn’t ask for any sales or referrals, but keeping in touch and reminding people of myself kept me on their mind for when they needed Real Estate help.

What this does not mean: Blasting constant emails with the same content to everyone in your database. The key aspect to making this tactic work is personalization. Think about how many unrelevant calls, emails, postcards, and such that you receive. Don’t be one of them. Simple.

If your client feels like a cheap booty call, they’ll respond accordingly. Believe it or not, you’re replaceable. Don’t give people a reason to replace you, give them a reason to want to marry you.


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