Make It FAB!

Barbie showing property

OMG Ms. Buyer, this property is so for you!. You should buy now!

Many agents may think they are doing a fabulous job at showing properties, and touting all the specifications of a property. However, are the clients really buying it? Probably not.

On your next showing, try making it FAB!

Customers buy benefits, not features. They want to know how much reasonable satisfaction could they gain from the property. Many agents know all the features of a specific property, but never translate the feature into a benefit to the client.

To do this, use the acronym F.A.B:

Feature, Advantage, Benefit

First start by mentioning a feature of the property: “This property features a tankless water heater.” Second, follow-up with the advantage of the feature: “The advantage of a tankless water heater is that it supplies instant, endless hot water.” Finally, the benefit to the client: “The benefit to you is you never have to worry about running out of hot water, while your entire family takes showers to get ready for church on Sundays!” There you have it: Feature, Advantage, Benefit.

Now let’s say you wanted to sell a beachfront home to a client. You list all the features: 300′ of beachfront; massive, 6 car garage; hand-scraped, Brazilian, cherrywood floors; reclaimed stained-glass windows; vintage styled Wolf appliances; and 5,000 gallon, saltwater fish tank. Sounds legit. So what are the benefits? That’s the tricky part. The benefits for each client are going to be different. One client may enjoy the benefit of living in luxury, while the next client may enjoy the benefit of being able to lease the property for a higher price.

To find out what benefits are important to each individual client, you need to listen carefully to what they want. Listen, ask questions, then listen more. Find out what benefits really motive them, then turn all the features into advantages that will benefit their specific needs.

Now go sell something.


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